Monday, March 1, 2010

reflections on motivations

I am a coffee drinker, any kind, any place, any where. 90 degrees or minus 10. Cold, luke warm, black, with cream or instant...doesn't matter, I need my java. I got the lingo down and my coffee shop (a place that use to be called Beaners but in a wave of political correctness gone mad, is now called BigB.) my drink of choice is a Venti decaf-Lotte with sugar free vanilla and skim milk...aka the 'why bother'. I love it but at $4 a cup, I make due with Speedway de-caf and french vanilla cappuccino...$1.
I love my coffee and make no apologies for it. My neurologist (a lovely woman who loves to ruin my day) has decided I am not allowed caffeine or artificial sweeteners. (yes, I know how bad they are bad for me, I get it!!!) So I have to use in moderation. She is also insisting on a fat free-fiber infused-fresh vs fried lifestyle...yeah...sure, whatever you say Dr. Granola. I will wear my seat belt, not smoke, avoid fried food, no red meat...but give leave me my coffee!
Coffee is a social thing..'lets go get some coffee' sounds so much more inviting than , 'hey, wanna grab a big ole' tub of tofu and some bean sprouts'. Coffee cake, yeah, you milk and a wheat germ, makes me happy.
My husband is not a coffee drinker, never has liked the taste. He also doesn't drink, smoke or swear...(not sure what he is doing with me) so he doesn't quite get my need but will dutifully drive miles out of his way to get me my coffee. Good man, (or maybe he just doesn't want to deal with the 3 headed ghidra that I turn into when I don't get my fix).
And, I have been caffeine free for years now so its not that. Its the 'how can it possibly be morning, I have no coffee' mind set I have. I come by this naturally, my parents had a pot going 24/ bought a restaurant bun-o-matic and everyone that came in, got their coffee and sat at the kitchen table for some tall tales, out right lies or penny ante poker. So, grab a cup and enjoy the rest of your day, I got mine, its gone cold, got a rainbow oil slick on top and grounds on the bottom...just right!

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