Sunday, March 7, 2010

For those of you that don't know, I have started a jewelry business on Etsy. It is made up of found objects made into jewelry (so far). I didn't necessarily want to start this business, I never wanted to be in business for myself. I am a crappy boss and haven't had a pay check in years. (not sure why I stay) Anyway, last week I got my 9 bazillionth rejection email and decided to pack it in, throw in the towel, give up, get over it and move on. Queen G is working full time at dinking around.
To help you understand why I am feeling the way I am, I want to share some actual things that have happened to me in the interview process. First, I have to let you know I am in a rather specialized field; gift and home decor design and product development. A field that most businesses think they can either : A do them selves, or B) do without. The recession has made companies very wary of trying something new and the entire industry is filled with the 'second mouse syndrome' as in...let the first mouse take the chance, the second mouse will get the cheese. So a person with new exciting ideas are wanted and paid well, as long as those ideas are not so new or exciting. So, interviewing has taken me all over the states...from here in Michigan to Jacksonville Fla. I have interviewed in Kokomo, Fort Wayne, New York, Dallas, Marshall Texas, about every suburb in Chicago, Indianapolis, Omaha and Minneapolis. I have driven in snow storms, flew during thunderstorms, and taken the train a few times. To say I am willing and eager to work is an understatement.
So, just for funzies I will share some of the interesting comments made to me in the interview process:
1) My personal favorite, after having driven to Indianapolis: 'We knew we didn't want you for THIS job, but we wanted to meet you. (Thanks, that's 400 miles I wont get back.)
2) After driving to Grand Rapids in an ice storm: 'Wow, thanks for coming...the job isn't available anymore, but we appreciate your willingness to come in this weather'. ever hear of a phone?
3) After flying in to Omaha, taking an entire series of tests that involved writing a poem about a candy dish, taking a personality test, a hand writing analysis, drawing lawn ornaments, coming up with a new design for a clothes hanger, meeting with everyone from the President of the company down to the head of shipping...'We've decided not to fill the position'
4)" We were kinda hoping to find someone with some taste", well crap, you shoulda said!
5) " We aren't exactly sure you would fit in with the rest of the staff, they are young and vibrant"...huh???
6) We love what you can do, your portfolio is great, and you have the experience we are looking for, but think we want to go in another direction...if you know any one else, please let us know." yeah, you betcha!
7) After being flown into Jacksonville: "its between you and another person, and frankly the other person is better"...well, nuff said.
8) 'Your skills and abilities far outweigh our needs at this time'...that' the nicest kiss off ever!
9) "I would hire you right now if you lived closer"...didja notice that my resume had my address???
10) "Our concern is that you will be bored"
So, after the last ' thanks but no thanks' I think I am done. I am tired of answering the same tired old standard HR questions, of buying new interview outfits and printing resumes. I am tired of talking to '20 something' HR people who have no idea what my profession involves, begging people to review my portfolio or having people give me backhanded compliments that they think I am too stupid to get...I am tired of waiting for the phone to ring, I'm just flippin' tired.
Career builder, Monster, Yahoo Jobs, you have been my constant companion every morning for a few years, and I wont miss you. I wont miss looking for local jobs and finding 3 in a 100 mile radius...all involving the health industry, I wont miss sending resumes and getting 'out of office' replies, and I for sure and for certain wont miss's been real and it's been fun, but not real fun.

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