Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Queen is confused

I have been shopping a lot lately...a lot. I have been looking in shops and malls to get a handle on the new trends in fashion and home decor in order to be more 'current' in my Esty offerings. And I must tell you, I am confused. Frankly, it don't take much but at some point you just gotta say (as my Hubby would put it) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????
Take a tour around the local junior shop and see what I mean. Jacked up jeans with holes and fading...$80, ACDC shirts in a size that would fit most toddlers (when most girls wouldn't know who ACDC are, much less care) and skirts that are so short they can double as hats. Now, I know I am sounding a bit granny like... a grouchy one at that, but c'mon! At least in the 70's we had the brains to 'distress' our own jeans.
Ask any one in their early 50's and they will go into great lengths about making their own purses out of their brothers jeans. Making 'big Bells' by inserting a triangle piece of fabric into a straight leg pair of jeans (but never Levi's...they were fine on their own), washing pants about 50 times before they were soft enough to wear or 'fraying' the hems to look cool. We knew how to rock those $9 'plain pockets'.
I know things change, and its a brand new world out there, but why are all the junior shops filled with icons of a time before they were born??? Beatle shirts? Fine, Michael Jackson...whatever, Run DMC...would any of these girls know a Run DMC song on a bet???
Ok, we did have a weird fascination with the 50's back in high school. We even had a sock hop and all tried our hardest to look cool, the guys all wearing white T shirts rolled at the sleeves and greasing their hair maybe this is normal. Each generation looks back to find what was cool in the last one. Maybe it is a way to connect with each other. Or maybe I am just confused and ACDC is really cool after all.

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