Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finding my way

I am terrible with directions, terrible! I couldn't tell you if I were going north, south or anyplace in between. Left and right are basically a good concept but if I couldn't make an 'L' with my hand, I would be guessing. Ask anyone who knows me..I am just a big old bag of confusion when I need to go anywhere. Mapquest, don't get me started on that...last time I used mapquest I was heading to Canton, Ohio and ended up in Pennsylvania. Onstar is my only salvation and all car purchases have been made by the availability of it. They have helped me find my way, settled arguments with David, found us restaurants, antique malls and service shops. The good people at Onstar have talked me down, calmed my nerves and got me through...I love Onstar!
The biggest problem for me is I am married to a person who is fanatical about directions...ask him to draw you a map and it will include every road sign, fire hydrant and dog house on the way. He also insists on never taking the same way anywhere. If you call for directions to my house I will tell you, take US 12 and turn...(making the L sign) Left. He will start with ' heading south go 3/10th of a mile till you reach the gas station, making a slight turn, go through the light, go another ...bla bla bla..." whatever.
And I have found that directions are important...and I mean like, IMPORTANT important...not like the directions of a bag of microwave popcorn important, but more like defibrillator important... And while I try, I am not a 'detail' person, so directions are good to have. Give me good directions, with pictures and tiny arrows pointing to the important bits and I am good. Assume I know what you are talking about and I will be calling you from Pennsylvania, in the rain, in the middle of the night, pissed off and wondering why my Miata doesn't have Onstar.


  1. You are a very talented writer. Have you written any books? Nice Job! Deb

  2. THIS is why we are friends!! We think alike. I need turn left (except I look for the hand to point ) at the Burger King. DO NOT tell me go north 3 miles! How am I suppost to know which way is north!! I too LOVE Onstar.