Thursday, February 9, 2012

what the heart wants

Valentines day is coming and I have no grand illusions of a big expansive present from the hubs. Nope, them days is long gone!

Oh, back in the day he was real good, even gave me my engagement ring on Valentines day. Now-a-days its more like a bag of coconut M&Ms and 8 pack of caffeine free diet coke.

And that's not to say he is the bad guy, I use to wake up extra early and write cutesy little notes on the bathroom mirror, make heart shaped meatloaves, and send surprises in his lunch.

Yeah, now its more like: 'here's the remote...your welcome'.

I think that is the natural progression of a relationship. Before marriage you are trying so hard to impress each other...dressing up, never eating more than him, trying not to fart...

After 32 years you sorta get over all the mushy stuff and appreciate each other for what counts, like eating whatever I put in front of him( a truly brave and self sacrificing act).

You go from obsessing about returned calls to watching their lips move but having no idea what they are talking about cuz you stopped listening 10 minutes earlier.

You use to spend hours putting on makeup and doing your hair to wearing their housecoats and wondering when the last time you flossed your teeth.

And you scratch wherever it itches.

After being in a relationship for a while you relax, start to wear comfortable shoes, then comfortable pants, pretty soon you don't even get out of your sweats.

So, in my humble opinion, what the heart wants is to be comfortable with your significant other. So relax and be content the knowledge that this works, and no one else would put up with your crap anyway.

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