Saturday, March 20, 2010


With deep thanks to I find myself thinking about what I want to be when I grow up.

Apparently growing up is an option not all of us have opted for. I, for one can not find any good reasons for becoming a responsible adult. OK, I pay taxes, did my census, drive the speed limit(sorta) and eat lots of fiber. But, my parents were grown up and I certainly didn't want to be like teachers (for the most part) were grown up and there was only one of them I ever thought I would want to be like...but that was an example too far above my station. (RIP, Mrs. Nicholas).

When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian, till I watched 'All Creatures great and Small' and found out you had to stick your hand up a horses ass...thanks PBS, for dashing my dreams!

Then there was the Surgeon phase...note: being a Doctor wasn't even part of this equation...just Surgeon, thank you very much.

Then: the lonely starving artist, working for hallmark...drawing cool cards or writing commercials like 'Freddy and SAM'...(cute commercial, probably on Youtube) but I realized they were in Kansas City and didn't want to live there. Note: I did manage to design a snowman Christmas line for them I guess that means I can check this one off.

Commercial artist, illustrator, art therapist, they were all things I wanted to be. My mom wanted me to be a nurse. (I would be the WORSE nurse in the world!!!) My dad just wanted to make sure I wasn't a lesbian, any thing after that he would have been happy with.

Have I lived up to my potential? Sitting in front of a computer writing inane thoughts about things no one really cares about? Glueing things together and hawking them on the Internet? All I can say is, who said I am done? Maybe I wont be an astronaut, or a nurse...(even tho my mom told everyone I was) but maybe, just maybe the phone will ring and i will be off on a new adventure. I have potential!


  1. Well, how dare you?
    WE are NOT "no one"!
    WE have been preaching that you have oodles of potential!
    WE know from inane.

    (Your dad worried about you being a lesbian? Really?)

  2. You failed to mention all the things that you have already accomplished, such as dental hygenist, HR degree, and Indian in Canoe. You have traveled the world and been a Mom to many exchange students and a youth group leader. (Ok, Indian in Canoe was a strech, but still the longest running item!) You now have your own business that you love and you are sharing your great sense of humor with more people than just the few of us who get the "questions" emails back from you. Put your panties on and perk up sunshine! Lil' P