Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who the Queen is...

This is one of my earlier necklaces, and I like it, I like the fact that it has a small butterfly and is made of junk and the picture turned out nice (someone actually told me I could sell the picture instead of the necklace...hmmm) it represents who I am as a designer.

Other things represent who I am as well:

My cheap ass hairdo tells you I am not a slave to fashion or convention. While I would love to be sporting a fantastic new do with highlights, lowlights and all the other lights in between, I just can't justify spending that kind of cash to impress the dogs.

The dog hair dust bunnies slowly turning into tumble weeds tell you I am not a housekeeper. I'm dealing with it just fine, thanks you very much.

My office, filled to the brim with old broken junk, pieces of jewelry and assorted bits and bobs tells you while I'm not making any money I still have hopes of becoming the junk-maker to the stars!

The fact that I am still married to my first date tells you that I am either incredibly lucky (I am) incredibly tolerant (eh...) or hubby isn't very picky.
(hes not)

The fact that I still find time to blog tells you I am unemployed, unaffiliated and unmotivated to do anything else.

And the fact that you find time to read this tells me you are either incredibly bored, incredibly loyal or feel the need to read. For whatever reason you are reading, I thank you from the bottom of my crafty little heart.


  1. I am all of the above, and just flat like the way you think.

    And the damn dust bunnies..I read a Barbara Kingsolver book once (I think High Tide in Tuscon) and she called them Dust Buffalo. I adopted that term, but I like the whole dust tumbleweed thing too - I might start using that to describe the lighter more airy ones.

  2. Well you know that I am one of the incredibly loyal ones :) I look forward to reading your words of wisdom and humor each make me smile :) Now why can't I post anything??? Guess I will from here out be known as "Anonymous" :)

    Love ya! Connie

  3. Thanks for not calling us "nobodies" and yeah, I look over your page every day to see what you've written. I don't do that for just anybody, ya know. I'm not bored or lacking in reading material - I just like what you say & how you say it (except for that little slip last week)and I look forward to it. The photo is lovely, and your writing skills are improving with every post.
    This is really getting good!