Wednesday, October 27, 2010


yup...some days you get up and grab your big girl panties and deal with it...whatever 'it' is...and some days you grab your panties and the elastic snaps and pops you right in the eye.

And some days you get up and all your big girl panties are in the laundry and your house is never visited by the laundry you grab your emergency, 'hope no one sees these' panties and find out not only did you toss them last time you wore them but you have no back ups...

Those are the days you stay in aint gonna get better, you need a do-over, just go back, pull the covers over your head and try it again tomorrow.

Don't worry about real life, I'll write you a note...cuz you know the days that start out in the dumpster got no where to go, and I for one do not want to be:
in front of you on the freeway
in front of you at Starbucks
behind you at Wal-mart
anywhere near you at the post office...


Just remember your bad day is not my problem, my bad day is probably not yours...lets not share.

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