Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Pigs Fly

One of the first things you will see in my house is this picture. Not sure the name...something about the pond. But I love the image of the pig smiling and jumping into the pond. The pig (in his little piggy mind) is flying. So it is possible! A lot of things are possible if we just try a little harder.
A lot of things seem impossible too, at least to
1)Folded laundry being put away buy any other person in this house. Apparently I am the only person who knows where it goes...after 30 years you'd think the idea of reversing the process, getting clean towel, using towel, putting in laundry would come to mind.
2) Cats not horking up a hairball on your freshly washed housecoat.
3) For dogs not to lick, hump, gag, or fart when company is here.
4) Forgetting to buy at least one ingredient in a new recipe
5) Not to get a zit, cold sore or bruise just before any family picture or interview.
6) To find a good hairstylist who doesn't want to be something else and will go to great lengths to tell you how horrible customers are while waving sharp scissors.
7) Not to get that mud streak on the back of your dress pants while getting out of the car.
8) For the phone not to ring as soon as my butt cheeks hit the bubbles in the bath
There are millions more and it is only making me crazy just thinking about them. Dropping toast will always fall butter side down for no apparent reason other than 'just cuz'...SO, if I have to live with the impossibilities of this life at least I can do it with my little piggy smile as I hurtle through space. weeeeeeeeeeee

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