Monday, March 15, 2010

Yellin' at the dog

The older I get the more I find myself doing pointless things. This morning I actually flipped off my coffee pot...sad but true. Maybe I have always done pointless things and never paid much attention to it. Maybe I have always tapped the top of my soda can or shook up the milk...I probably always 'rinsed out' the glass before I drank from the tap.

Or maybe I am spending way too much time here at home with no one but the animals for company. Do I really think they care when I go to the post office? Do I actually think they know what I am talking about when I am going on my looooooog tirades about who's poop is this??? (when we all know who's it is) All they know is 'Alpha dog is making that loud high pitch sound again...I think I need to find a hiding place, hey! I just made that!!!'

And the cat, lord the cat...he could care less what high pitched or otherwise sound I make...he just enjoys the show.

We all do pointless things, we all put the lid back on the butter tub before we throw it away, fold our underwear, or vacuum behind the couch. Not sure if it is because we really, really care about the person who would actually look behind our couch, or think our garbage men will consider us ill bred if our trash isn't properly packaged.

And I know for a fact the dogs don't care either way.


  1. ha ha Virginia!! LOVE IT!! You have just also described my world.

  2. I've never met another person who questions so many tiny details of their character such as you do . . . EVER! I'm more interested in where you think that this comes from (altho I think you've already given us the answer). I know about two dozen people who would relay similiar actions that they have performed & they would expect 1) me to listen intently and 2) applaud when they were finished. These same people seem to think that traffic lights have an agenda to ruin their lives & intentionally hold them hostage at intersections.
    I choose to believe that you are simply living in the moment. This is not a bad thing.