Monday, February 27, 2012

before meets after

This is one of the pieces of jewelry that was given to me at the craft show. A very nice lady gave me two shoe boxes filled with assorted findings and parts as she didn't use them any more. She made these pins back in the 80's and we all had at least one. C'mon, fess up, we wore them with our mustard colored jackets with the shoulder pads sanctioned by the NFL and earrings so big our they needed their own zip code. We were stylin'...

So I took them and reconfigured them in a different manner, hopefully updating the look. So now instead of plastic and glue, it is a recycled, vegan friendly piece of wearable art...yeah, sure you betcha...

It got me thinking about what I do compared to what my mom did back in the 70's. She loved crafts and did made some interesting Christmas ornaments using plastic pills cups, Elmers glue and glitter. Yeah, I was horrified.

But how far off are my cobbled together things? Is someone going to look back and think it looks dated and funky. Are they going to remember it with a fondness associated with Jelly shoes and big hair? Or will they end up at the bottom of a shoe box at a future garage sale, right along with VHS tapes and MP3 players?

Are my reconfigured pieces that far from the "Glamorous Plastic" the lady gave me? No, probably not, but that's ok...

Etsy needs things for future 'Vintage' in 20 years time.

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