Wednesday, October 27, 2010


yup...some days you get up and grab your big girl panties and deal with it...whatever 'it' is...and some days you grab your panties and the elastic snaps and pops you right in the eye.

And some days you get up and all your big girl panties are in the laundry and your house is never visited by the laundry you grab your emergency, 'hope no one sees these' panties and find out not only did you toss them last time you wore them but you have no back ups...

Those are the days you stay in aint gonna get better, you need a do-over, just go back, pull the covers over your head and try it again tomorrow.

Don't worry about real life, I'll write you a note...cuz you know the days that start out in the dumpster got no where to go, and I for one do not want to be:
in front of you on the freeway
in front of you at Starbucks
behind you at Wal-mart
anywhere near you at the post office...


Just remember your bad day is not my problem, my bad day is probably not yours...lets not share.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Keys to the past

Today I am going to try to write about something that happened to me this summer. It really creeped me out and kept me from sleeping for a day or two.

I love estate sales. That being said, a lot of people are kinda weirded out about going through someones house and digging through their stuff. I get it, but generally I walk away with something they have 'loved' for years and now I am going to find a new use for it or 'love' it right back. So when I saw a giant sign out side of the creepiest antique shop in the world, I was in heaven.

When I say creepy, I mean funky, dirty, unorganized and a bit dangerous. The more I think I may fall through a floor the happier I am. This place was all that and then some.

The Lady that ran the shop was (is...she is still there!) about 90 with jet black hair and drawn in eyebrows...and always wears a giant flower in her hair. She is cool! (a bit crazy, but I like em' that way!) When her shop was open she always played 40's music and hobbled around reminding you that the prices were all negotiable. I would stay for hours!

Last summer she decided to 'pack it in' and give up the shop and opened the remaining buildings for her Estate Sale. oooOOOOHHHHHH buddy, let me at it!

Holy crap! What I found...I wandered from room to room in this old 3 story building that use to be 'downtown' but the town has long since been gone. Every room was filthy, covered in dust, crud and about 100 years of grime. After my initial walk through I then got down to the business of searching for goodies. It didn't take long before I realized this woman actually still lived there. I had to let the shock of that sink in, cuz this place was like a time capsule from the turn of the century.

Walking into the kitchen I was amazed at the condition...all the old appliances were still there and the walls were painted a sickly pink. The floors were covered in layers and layers of linoleum. The ceilings were all 12 feet tall with the hanging lamps. And the windows were still sporting the ancient velvet curtains. Matching velvet curtains were in all the doors. Charming, no...filthy, yes. Each room was exactly the way it would have been in 1915. No effort had been made to upgrade, remodel or even repair. All the rooms were very small and it appeared that when the flooring started to get worn, another layer was put down. The parlor still boasted an ancient piano under mounds and mounds of other assorted crap. Every room was filled with years and years of collected stuff that are now so badly decayed that no one could use them.

Room after room I wandered looking at her stuff. I wanted to stay around for hours, but the inside atmosphere was so unbearably creepy I had to leave. I did manage to find some goodies, and David helped her pull the sign in as we left. I sat in the car for some time reviewing what I had seen. This was an actual building that was caught in time, like a bug in amber. Old wood stoves and coal stoves in every room, and wallpaper so faded and warn you could not recognize the design. This woman actually lived there...and with out a doubt, so did her parents and grandparents. the only nod to this century was a wall phone from about 1960.

I kinda forgot about it, till this weekend when I drove through the little town and saw that sign, she still is working that estate sale! So if anyone wants to view a living museum, with a real life curator, put on your grubbiest clothes and come and get me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The tie that binds

In the background is a wooden sign that shows a Nurse, a Marine and a Sailor, all WWI vintage (not sure why the Marine is in red??) and the words above it say "blessed be the ties that bind". I found it in the crawl space of our old house (dubbed the chock-full-o-nuts hotel for various reasons) and love it! Besides the fact that it is funky and was suppose to be a tie rack...get it...ties that well, but that the words are true.

What ties us to who we are? Why did I rush back home after the tornado? Why do I wonder and worry about people I haven't seen in 30+ years? What makes us cling to the things we are familiar with (clogs, boot cut jeans, disco) and get ruffled with something new (rap, cyber space in general and photoshop). Are they ties or are they anchors???

Here are my ties that bind:
Doing things MY way
Jeans that fit at the waste, call em' what you like, no muffin top here!
The Beatles
white bread (the squisher the better)
Cheap makeup
2nd entire house is from garage sales, thrift shops and 2nd hand places
cheap hair dye...I think there is some chemical that seeps into the brain
Chloe perfume
black purses
long nails, out of style..meh

Here are some things I wish were on that list:
house cleaning...*gavomit*
returning calls...I am terrible at that

The ties that I seem to be hard wired into my system are deep and unmovable. Try as hard as I might you will never see my happy azz running a may see me running amok, running scared, running off at the mouth or running off half cocked (??) but a 10K...nope

If you want to see me, c'mon! if you want to see the house, make an aint my thing.

Thank God for facebook, I can now wish people happy birthday with out fear of getting it wrong.

Don't get me started on cooking.

Ties that bind...think of them as a gentle embrace of our past. And who dosen't love a gentle embrace?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Went 'shopping' today, and out here in the boonies that can only mean the farm and fleet store or Aco. Bought my stuff and was wandering around looking at other useful things when I heard Janis Joplin over the intercom.

Take another litte piece of my heart...

So I am wandering around enjoying the music and I spy a little grannie type know, the sensible shoes, pastel polyester pants, matching sweatshirt with embrordery...and she was just standing transfixed in the isle with her eyes closed and a sly little smile on her face.

Pretty much said it all...and something tells me granny wasn't always in the kitchen making