Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What inspires me...

Most people can find inspiration in a sunset, a Bible passage, or even a baby's smile...I need to look elsewhere. I can go to the nastiest garage sale run by some toothless old ex-con and find something there that will make me hope my hepatitis shot is still active and dive right in. I will be the one at the Goodwill buying the jacked up shoes that are covered in mildew and sweat stains because they have great shoe clips still attached. Look for me crawling around the Salvation Army, digging in the boxes of unmarked sewing supplies...I'm the one with the hunched shoulders and hand sanitizer around my neck. Got some peanut butter jars of old nuts and bolts laying around? I'll take them...old tins of buttons...give me a call! I love the unloved!
I have been known to buy boxes of autopsy records, old diplomas, pictures of dead people in their coffins from the turn of the century, and teddy bears with both ears loved off...one look at my house will tell you I am not a slave to the conventional. If it is weird or wacky I already love it! My last fabulous find was an antique barber chair...its awesome! All chrome and red leather and should show up in my pictures on Etsy soon. (Thanks Tiffany!!!) I'll leave the classy decorating to Martha Stewart.
And hopefully my passion for the odd will help me in my new business...(at least that is what I am telling myself). Finally using those old buttons, bags of broken jewelry or cigar boxes may just start paying back.
So, to those of you who send me the emails filled with heartrending messages of hope and salvation, um..thanks, but can I go digging in your attic?

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