Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angels among us

Sometime my thoughts are more random than others. Today I want to think about the angels in my life. I need to think about this because I am having an especially crappy day and its not even 9am. So, angels, angels, angels...
I like to think there are angels all around, watching over (hopefully not too judgmental or keeping notes) ever present, waiting with flaming sword in hand to smite whatever needs smiting. (and like in 'Dogma'...gonna take me to a cheap Mexican joint and down shots of tequila) But sometimes they are just people...everyday, ordinary people who are in the right place at the right time.
Once my car broke down on Front St. in Toledo, backing traffic up for a few blocks...not especially knowing what to do, I left and went to the 7-11 to call...someone, anyone. I walked in and a man said he would call someone for me. He said that he was and Ohio State Trooper and could get a wrecker right away. Thanking him profusely I turned to watch the idiots who would honk and flip off an obviously empty car. Within a minute a wrecker was there! I turned to thank my trooper and he was gone...I was standing in the door so he didn't get past me...I asked the cashier if he saw the guy who called for me and the cashier said..'no guy in here, just you'...
I turned back and my car was in the parking lot of the 7-11, the wrecker pulling away...I tried to flag it down to...I don't know, do whatever you have to do to get a wrecker service paid for, but the driver just drove away. Getting in, my car started! I had to sit and process this for a minute. What just happened? story and I am sticking to it.
Other angels are just people who will jump in with a kind word, a knowing smile or even a helping hand. Last night on the Etsy chat someone was being especially nasty to me...(to Me!, I know!!!) and some other 'Estian' jumped in and defended me. Small potatoes in this world of strife, but it made me feel like someone had my back.
So, today I am going to focus on being someones angel, even if it means I have to hold my snarky tongue, smile at some screaming brat so the mom wont think she is the worst mother on the planet, or hold the flippin' door so granny can get her lotto tickets and a pack of Lucky's...cuz I wanna be an angel too.

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  1. I remember an angel who lived next door to me in LaSalle in the early eighties. She will always be special to me. ♥