Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back when we had style

I love this picture of David's grandma. I haven't heard a lot about her and what I have wasn't that complementary, but what I do know was that she had style. One look at that awsome hat will tell you that. And she was a frustrated poet, a song writer and a dreamer. I have heard she wasn't much of a housekeeper, cook or cuddly mom type...(sounding too ding-dong familiar) I would have liked to meet her.

But I love the style she put into this picture. When was the last time anyone took a formal portrait? When was the last time we sat in front of a real camera and not someones cell phone. Do we really want to be remembered as a blurry image on someones blackberry?

Back in the day, women dressed up. They wore hats! Now if you wear a hat you are either trying to hide a bad haircut or think you are Brittany Spears. They didn't run out to the market wearing pj bottoms and a U of M sweatshirt. (and a pair of cheap knock off ugs for that dash of style). And they for sure never left the house with out proper undergarments...look, if you need a bra, wear a one wants to see you being hauled through Walmart by security because they think you are stealing bags of grapefruit in your shirt.

I am speaking to myself too...I am guilty of running to the store in my crappy sweat shirts and pull on stretchy-probably-slept-in pants. I will show my face without any makeup...and we wont discuss the hair issue, not today. When did we loose style? I would hate to think the feminist movement caused this...burn your bra, ok...but not ALL of them. You don't have to be a slave to fashion to have style. Hell, it doesn't even cost much is you got that certain, Goodwill-Thrift Shop eye for detail mentality. C'mon ladies, lets not all end up on the "People of Walmart" website.


  1. I agree - YOU have more style than most (please witness: my comment on your steampunk angel)and you always have had a great eye, a gift for putting together items that not only weren't meant to be worn together, they don't even come from the same decade.
    I, however, struggle to not look like a sketch from the Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue. I love hats, but I can't wear them because they seem to wear ME. I am envious of the women I know who wear the wide-brims with outrageous plumage, veils, buttons, etc. It's these women who wear the hats like they're guilded frames surrounding a perfectly painted portrait.
    But my biggest complaint - and the true bug up my ass - is; who in hell decreed that it's unfashionable to wear stockings?!

  2. This is an intresting question for me. I wear no jewlery, not even a wedding band, no make-up, and the only mirror is on the front of the medicine chest--so from the boobs down " if it fits-its fine" No tats, and the only extra metal is the fillings in my teeth. My style is Bland. ( in earth tones and denim)
    See ya on the Wall-Mart page!lol

  3. I should have said " look for ME on the Wal-mart pages." my words come out backasswards sometimes.