Monday, March 29, 2010

positively being positive

A long time ago I went to Paris. It was (in spite of everything I did) awesome.
I went with a friend and did every typical American thing a typical American would do...ate too much, drank too much and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I need to remember those times as I am dealing with the day to day frustrations of being alive in Michigan.

Trying to keep myself positive as my state slowly sinks into the abyss of the recession is challenge in itself. 23% unemployment rate..really...can you double check that.

Of course, being out of work myself doesn't help. I want to be a contributing member of society, to pay my taxes and to matter again. SO why am I dinking around all day gluing things together...cuz I live in Michigan and its all I got.

So, today I am going to think of Paris in the spring...
of chocolate slowly dripping down a scoop of hard vanilla ice cream...
of the sound of Ernie Harwell on a hot July day
the smell of suntan lotion
warm sheets straight from the dryer
jiffy pop
the entire album of 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'
and the first time I heard Bessie Smith

ahh, that's so much better...

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