Tuesday, March 30, 2010

doing what I do...

Brand new today! More junk into 'Junque' and while this may not be everyone's cup of tea, I kinda like it. But lets face it, I have no taste.

Ask anyone who knows me...my idea of style is matching a pair of jeans and a old band uniform blazer. I am known to be seen in an antique smoking jacket complete with black satin sash, and my favorite jean jacket is 30+ years old.

I try to avoid clothes that hurt or leave red marks, so I pray nightly for the person who invented stretch denim. My style is early American comfee with a dash of thrift store style.

This carries into my home as well. I don't have a lot of storage space so I use antique picnic baskets on top of my cabinets. Wooden milk crates are in almost every corner filled with LPS, plants and other assorted necessaries. And My furniture came from an estate sale and still had the tag from 1910.

Style has nothing to do with how I work or dress. If I see something that needs to be in my home I don't really care if it is broken, dirty or mismatched...I can fix it! I love old clocks and many can be seen in the background of my Etsy photos...none work. You want to know what time it is you need to check the microwave. Old barometers, got em' everywhere...I don't even know what a barometer is exactly but they are cool. And don't be surprised to find an old saddle hanging from a beam in my living room...or a pair of snowshoes, or a antique sword, or Indian head dress...it all works.

Anyone can buy style, I just do what I do and it makes me happy.

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