Sunday, March 14, 2010

making crap from crap

I love looking in places to find interesting things to make into other interesting things. I love the idea of looking past the item and seeing what else it can be. I love tearing things apart and putting them back together and will gladly spend hours doing that. I wish I felt the same way about other things in my life, like, or cleaning or (gawd help me) exercising.

I am always thinking of how to expand this into other areas of my life. At some level I do...I use old plastic fruit bags (the net kind) to scrub my dishes, works a charm! But I haven't gotten to the 'cool whip' as dishes phase. I haven't reused bread bags and gotten on board with the whole 'green' warming be damned.

I will spend an entire day digging through boxes of junk, spend another full day tearing them apart and then putting them back together and post on Etsy, but bitch and moan if I have to run down and start the dryer. I'm not exactly domesticated.

My motivation is nothing more than creating stuff. As an artist (yeah, right) I am always thinking about this, but ask me what is for supper and you might just get your ass handed to you...I don't DO housewife well. I make crap from it art, call it dinner, I don't care. The only rule in this house is, if I cook it you WILL eat it. You don't have to like it, you don't have to eat it all (that's what the dogs are for) but you will eat some and call it good.

I want to be successful in my business, I want someday to see Drew Barrymore sporting some of my lovely 'junque', I want to feel like I made the right decision about going full time at this, but mostly I want to have fun and keep making crap from crap.


  1. hahaha, I know exactly what you mean about being so into a craft, and then not being able to motivate yourself to do anything that you should be doing! :)

    Cute blog! I found you on Etsy :)