Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My heart has wings

My newest item in my Etsy shop. I like it because I have always liked the concept of a heart that has wings. Something about the image draws me to it...a flying heart, spreading love. Kinda sappy, sure. I'm not a sappy person, generally I am kinda the Rosalind Russel to the worlds Julie Andrews. My personality tends to drift towards the cynical and ironic, rather than cute and fuzzy. Don't show me pictures of your kids cuz I'm only gonna have to lie...'yup, that's a baby all right, made that yourself, didja..good job'
I also am not too warm and cuddly but play me a patriotic country song about someones daddy being killed in a war or the factory shutting down and I am weeping buckets. I can't even pony up enough concern over natural disasters (my bad, I know...) but show me a oil covered duck and I will be filled with outrage. Weird...maybe its because people should generally know not to live in a town that is under sea level, but the duck never saw it coming...who knows.
I wish I were more sentimental, the kind of person that will rush to your side when something bad happens...I do try ( I do!) but if you got arrested for drunk driving, don't call me to bail your happy ass out...get comfy, cuz you are staying put! I only got 2 kidneys, and they are mine! I can't loan you any cash, co-sign a loan or take you in...good luck, god bless...have a nice day.
Having said that, I will drive to your house to help move, paint, clean, (well...maybe not clean) go to your garage sale, hold your hand while having contractions, hold your hair while you are puking, bring food (I may even cook) go to funeral homes, hospitals and churches. I will do what I can if I know you are doing what you can. And after all, isn't that the essence of a good friend???


  1. You have a kinder heart then you let on!! You are just picky about how and to whom you show it. I never have to guess where I stand with you and I know you wouldn't say anything if you weren't sincere about it. No mushy exit - Lil'P

  2. I love this. linked to your blog from etsy. I love this item, I have a lot of jewelry with wings and hearts, sometimes together sometimes not. I've been very drawn to the heart with wings symbol for some time.