Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WAY too old for this...

I am always looking for ways to promote my shop and have posted many comments in ESTY forums section. Someone sent a You-tube video to one of my posts and now I have that song running through my head...

what song..??? 2Live Crew, 'get the ^&%*& outta my house'.

So here I am, a 50 something white woman with a rap song rattling around in my head...it is catchy, got a nice beat and you can dance to it...I give it a 76. (for those of you too young to remember...'Bandstand' reference, go ask your grandparents)

niiiiice...I'm trying to read all the inspirational emails I get from well wishing friends and all I can hear is:

The f&*)

Trying to chat this morning in the ESTY chat rooms and that song keeps popping up...just goes to show that there are some things that transcend age. And I don't even LIKE rap. Even when poor misguided white country singers try it. (sorry Toby)
with the exception of Kid Rock...and (showing my age) the Beasty Boyz.

I know I am way to old for this or for wanting to dye my hair with bright blue streaks, for wanting to throw on some club gear and buy some glow in the dark necklaces and find a place that plays techno...I know it. And no one wants to see my giant white thighs in a mini skirt and corset, no matter how much the 'person' at Hot Topic says it looks cool on me...

I need to stay out of the jr. stores and go where I belong...Coldwater Creek. (which has nice jeans btw) I need to embrace my AARP life and move on...I will still wear what I think is cool, in spite of whatever age or style dictates. I will flaunt my 80's rat tail throwback braid with pride and use way too much eyeliner, wear too much jewelry and out of style chunky platform shoes. And you can like it oooorrrrr....

Outta my hooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

photo courtesy of photobucket, no...it is not me!


  1. You can be over 50 and still sport blue hair, ( or green, or pink) Im sure you've seen the old show " Are You Being served" . Mrs Betty Slocombe style.

  2. Snee, snee . . . choke!!