Monday, May 2, 2011

My wish for you.

I have lots of wishes for my friends...lots and lots; and many go unsaid. Many more go un-wished, and that is sad. We can all wish for the stars, maybe we wont get them but we will at least enjoy the view.

Here are some of my unspoken random wishes...

I wish we could all be the people we wanted to be when we were 6...sure, there would be a glut of ballerinas and cowboys, but also a lot of fireman, policeman and ice cream truck drivers.

I wish people would respect each other. You don't have to like each other, hell you don't even have to tolerate each other, but respect would go a long way towards world peace. And you can respect from a distance...a loooong distance. (and No, I'm not really talking about my neighbors...much)

I wish I looked like the person in my head...

I wish my dogs were more people like and people more dog like. That way, everyone would wake up in a good mood, wiggle their butts more and be grateful for whatever lands in their bowl. They would also be more loyal, loving and spend more time at home on the couch.

I wish I had a wife...a 50's pearls and pump kinda gal who worried about waxy buildup in corners, dusting furniture and grocery shopping...(and if my hubs has this same wish...sorry 'bout yer luck).

I wish chocolate and caffeine were on par with green leafy vegetables and exercises...

I wish they never ever invented cigarettes, meth, and funnel cakes.

I wish we could find away to reduce gas prices. Either that or a convenient mass transport system that will haul me to where ever I want to go, when I want to go there for little or no money.

I wish people could see the beauty in junk...especially MY junk. (and not THAT junk, there is no beauty there, believe me!)

I wish for everybody to find success in life in whatever form that takes. For some of us, its an office with a name on the door, for others, just a shady spot at the next car show.

But most of all, I wish us all love...peace, and good cheer.


  1. This is beautiful and so fun! I think the world would be tons better if people wiggled their butts more :)

  2. Chocolate and caffeine- good one! I agree with you on most of these, great wishes.