Friday, May 6, 2011

Thoughts on Mom...

Mothers day is Sunday and if you get to Walmart, I am sure they have some 75% off Easter candy and some lavender bubble bath you can score. Don't forget a gift bag!

Mothers day is not a holiday I celebrate much...(with the no kids and all) but I did have a mother and while we didn't have the most traditional relationship, she does deserve a shout out.

My MOM...
that's her in her office at the State Hospital...
and don't let the surroundings fool you, she had a sock with a bar of soap in it in her drawer and a straight jacket behind the door. The State Police would tell people they were going to take them to 'visit Aunt Helen' if they didn't calm down. She wasn't in the mood for foolishness, ever...

I would bring her lunch sometimes and spent many visits locked in her office while her and her 'boys'(those loyal state troopers) would interview new patients...*shudder*

So needless to say, she wasn't gonna take any teenage whiny crap from the like of her kids.

We managed a perfect work around by her working afternoons...We would leave for school and by the time we got home she was would be weeks and weeks of communicating with notes left on the table.

It worked for us.

I think that's why I don't understand or accept any traditional 'mothering' from Mother-in-law was the traditional pearls and pump housewife and stay at home mom. She baked cookies, kept house and generally gave her life up to the raising of her kids...and she tried so hard to 'do' for her kids spouses. I just didn't have the ability to accept it. I couldn't even bring myself to call her concept of a mom just didn't fit Emma.

Both women were brought up in similar circumstances. Both lived through depressions and world wars. Both did what they thought was their best.

So here's to both women, who sacrificed for their family...either with giving up a life outside the home or by knocking a few heads together on a nightly basis. Cheers!

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