Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day

This is my Grandfather, real official name, so the Navy christened him Andrew Jackson. He served aboard the re-built U.S.S Maine in WWI in 1918.

He was just another in the long line of family who served in the military for this country, starting with his great-great+ grandfather who served as a teamster in the war of 1812 and continues on to this day.

My family has proudly served in the military, here at home, with both my mother and mother in law working in factories during WWII. We have dealt with the horror of family and friends being captured and M.I.A, we have lost relatives in the Civil War and are dealing the the after effects of Agent Orange.

My father lost his hearing during WWII yet never spoke of his time there.

So I stand in awe of all those brave soldiers who stand in the gap...
To my friend Eva, who's son just deployed to Afghanistan a few days ago, I stand with her in pride and courage.

And to all the other mothers of soldiers out there, be brave.

We salute you, one and all.

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