Thursday, May 19, 2011

going to my 'happy place'

Some days I basically live there. Images of places I have been where life as I knew it seems so far away and bad things couldn't get me...

Hawaiian happy place.

I also have Paris happy place, London happy place and assorted other lands of AHHHHHHsss.

Usually the image is on my screen saver but I am thinking of mounting it on my that when I drive by the gas station where I filled up the day before and notice they have changed the price of gas to be 26 cents lower..I can go to my happy place.

Or past to the cover of my checkbook, so that when I go to the bank to cash a check I can imagine soft breezes scented with plumeria...while the cashier is telling me that I can't cash the endorsed check without my husbands ID... I can however, deposit it and then withdraw it out of our joint account.

Or even laminated to a key chain so that when I get the HAZELNUT (ACK!) flavoring in my ice coffee instead of sugar free vanilla, I can drift away on the mental surf in my head.

It's not that I am generally a petulant(no matter what everyone says) person. I just have no ability to tolerate fools, bureaucrats or people in polyester uniforms.

Or Politicians, News Anchors, radio talk show hosts, any business in Jackson Michigan, automated phone calls, computer viruses, neighbors and Physicians Associates who think they are demi-gods...

Urg...just thinking about this is irritating...where is my Happy Place?!!!?

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