Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ghosts of presents past

This necklace looks like it is very old, Victorian even...forget the fact that it is made from various pieces of vintage looks antique to me.

And while I have been knee deep in vintage jewelry thanks to a stop at a garage sale that was being run by a lady who pretty much was 'over it', I have been thinking about the history of these things.

Looking at these unfortunate necklaces who have been hiding in the bottom of jewelry boxes(and for a lot of them I understand why) and wondering if they were Christmas presents from kids or loving (but color blind) husbands. Were they bought on purpose??? I really want to talk to the lady that bought the fluorescent orange 3 strand beaded necklace...perfect for deer hunting season...was there a dress to go with that???

And the 80's pins...I guess we needed some hefty jewelry to go with those padded shoulders. While we are talking about the 80's, was it necessary to put chains on everything? When the neighbor kids popped in to look at the treasure, they held up a typical earring from the brat-pack days and said 'what is THIS???' When I explained it was an earring, they looked at me like I was from Mars.

We all have gifts that were given to us from misguided people in our lives...people who thought we really, really needed a chain saw (yes, I did receive a chain saw for Christmas one year)or the bread machine, or juicer, or hot dog cooker...and we accept them with grace, I hope.

I know some of my jewelry will be given to unsuspecting people who will open the package and look at the thing and think...what the hell is this????
and I hope they accept it with grace, then stuff it in the bottom of the jewelry box for the next generation of crafters and artisans to buy at a garage sale to make into some other fabulous item.

And I hope I am around to see it.

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  1. Yes, we are kindred souls! I love taking those poor, broken, or just plain weird babies and giving them a new life by cutting them apart and making something new. Anyone would be lucky to get one of your treasures as a gift!