Friday, May 20, 2011


Yes, completely and utterly ashamed. I just went down and tossed a load of towels in the wash and was mentally whining about doing housework.

And then I remembered 'WASH DAY' when I was a kid...and dragging out the wringer and the tubs and the 94 boxes of serious chemicals along with the hose to run out into the driveway. And the sorting and pre-soaking and stain treating...then the actual washing then the wringing and finally the HANGING OF THE LAUNDRY. Rain or shine, sun or snow...and the next day...ugh


Levi's so stiff you had to literally 'break' them...frozen laundry smelling of the great outdoors and the occasional bee getting caught in the sheets.

And while I am on the subject...dishwashers, microwave and Rumba's! Think about this, we live in a world with robotic vacuums. Sure, I don't have one, with all the dog and cat hair I would need a robotic hay baler, but still...

Microwave cake mixes, popcorn and breakfast stove actually needs to be dusted!

And I have the nerve to whine about housework...

Sorry Mom...

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