Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fly away home

Home...that place where you can scratch wherever itches
where you eat ice cream out of the container
Where you know how bad the bath tub needs to be scrubbed but take a bath anyway
The place where you keep your L.P's (google it, kiddies)

Home is where you sit unashamedly in your housecoat even thought it is well past time for Oprah.
The place you can puke in comfort
The place you eat over the sink and drink from containers

Home, the place to hide from the neighbors candy bar selling kids
where miss-matched socks with plaids and stripes do not matter
where you make all your baking mistakes.

Where headaches and constipation come to find comfort
where you secretly listen to Herman's Hermits CDs while dancing around the kitchen
and where cheap hair dye meets vintage towels

Home is the place you can go to find that thing you lost while looking for that other thing you need

where butter tubs become dishes
and where you hide that last good deal you know you didn't need and can't afford
Home is where your dogs live and cats visit

Home is where hangovers come to die
bad haircuts are resolved and new eyeliner techniques are practiced,
where your best friend lives even if he is covered in fur or lives in a cage.

Home is more than a building or an address, its a place to be you.

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