Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy math

So, while I am sitting here trying to promote (shill) my lovely pieces of jewelry on the unsuspecting public I am doing some minor calculations in my head.

I average 3 new pieces a day...
removing the custom orders (.000262251% of total amount)
removing the ooopsies, refilling my stock of freebees and gifts,
taking time off for garage sales, flea market runs and general dinking around...I can safely say I can post 30 pieces a month, easily.
My shop has 171 items
Emerald Dragonfly has over 100 items
Antique mall as about 75 pieces
over 100 are just lost in between...

My views including twitter bots equal about 7 a day per items on average...(yeah, that sucks) Intense promoting raises the average to about 20.

Renewing, editing and rephotographing about 15 per month.

Average sales last month equal 1.

Suffice to say, I am drowning in the stuff!

And while I am typing this I am looking at the Opalite bracelet I just made and thinking to myself...

What the hell am I doing?????

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