Thursday, April 28, 2011

glass heart

I think I must have a glass heart, it gets broken so easily. I take things so personal and find myself in the pits of depression for days...

I remember the first time this happened, I was 12 maybe...and learned they had canceled Dark Shadows. Lord, I took to my bed for a week.

Then later in life...the very sad and devastating news about Rely Tampons...they were the best!!! what's a little toxic shock got to do with it.

Then they stopped publishing my favorite magazine around 1978...anyone remember New Dawn??? that broke my heart and spirit. Never again would I believe in the power of subscriptions!

My heart seems to break for reasons that defy logic...someone dies, someone gets arrested, something falls into ruin...meh. But stop making chocolate bubble gum or close my favorite restaurant and I will cry for a week.

Loosing work hurts, being turned down for a job, that kills. It has gotten to the point I have stopped looking for work because my heart just can't take it. And I'm betting it's not in my best interest to write in the thank you letter I send for all interviews ...'oh, and don't forget if I don't get this job I will pout and whine and sulk for weeks...'

The last thing that broke my heart...watching the building of a local Dollar General knowing it will kill the mom and pop stores that are struggling to stay alive. That hurt. The fact that they tore down my favorite greasy spoon to build it only added to the pain.

So to all us tenderhearted people out there I say...tomorrow is another day, filled with chocolate and sunshine...sure, no more greasy burgers on home made grilled bread or cheesy tv shows that caused you to question your taste, but new and exciting thing that will be snatched from your hands when you least expect it.

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