Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a moment of zen...

A beautiful moment of calm and tranquility...
cuz a rant is about to be unloaded.

I think we have all seen the news report about the woman who was talking on her cell phone in the 'quiet car' on the amtrack. That got me thinking...

1. I can't believe we need to have a quiet car...what ever happened to common courtesy???
2. Cell phones are becoming more like pacifiers and less like the tools they were designed to be. We have all felt that moment of panic when we realized we walked out without the me, it'll be ok...breath, relax and get on with your life.
3. (this happened yesterday) DO NOT CALL WHILE YOU ARE SITTING ON THE TOILET! There is no way you can justify having a chit chat while you are sitting in a public bathroom...and if you are next to my stall, and I hear you yammer on and on about how tired your feet are and why you will be late for dinner, you can bet I am going to flush excessively, ask for some toilet paper or make loud and un-ladylike sounds of distress.
4. If you are so dang important that you cant even get in the car without being on the phone, you need an assistant, an agent or a parole officer.
5. Nothing at Walmart is 'call worthy'...nothing. Do not block the isle with your cart loaded with beer and pampers and call your BFF to chat about the weather.
6. I do not carry my phone with me...its in my purse, on the table, rooms away. If you call my cell and I don't answer, get over it, leave a message or call my home phone. I use my phone to communicate, not as an anchor to the planet.
7. I gotta pay for my texting, if you send me prayers to win the lottery, pictures of naked cowboys, or cartoons I am gonna pound on your head like a Chinese gong.
8. If I do call you, and leave a message, listen to the freakin' message, don't call me and ask me what I wanted...really. grr
and finally:
and open comment to the Michigan State Trooper I saw tooling down US12 at about 90mph...HANG UP THE DAMN PHONE AND DRIVE


  1. #3
    Well, people always have talked shit, and now they can do both