Sunday, May 15, 2011

more stuff from stuff

My mom was right, I never follow the rules or go with the flow. I never go to the craft store and buy the proper stuff to make nice, proper and easily understood pieces.

Nope, I go to hardware stores, antique malls and resale shops and buy bags of unwanted things and make new and interesting things.

Case in point, these scatter pins, made from gaming pieces, washers and other assorted cast offs.

It makes me happy to give another shot at something being something else. Maybe I am hoping someone will do the same for me...look at my resume and think...hmmm, lets give her a try!

But I think that just ain't gonna happen. Being able to see past what is in front of you to the potential must be a specific gift. How bakers can look at a bag of flour and see a cake, tubes of paint become a painting, and bolts of cloth can become a beautiful quilt.

I can't sew, don't like to cook and painting isn't my best thing...but I can look at a old, jacked up tin can and see beauty!

And while my 'gift' ain't exactly paying any bills, it is making me happy. So, in spite of what my head is saying, my heart keeps telling me to carry on.

So look for more interesting things made from other interesting things in the future. Reality has never been a concern for me.

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