Thursday, May 26, 2011

time to give thanks

Yeah, I know the picture has nothing to do with giving thanks...I got over it, so can you.

Thank you Meijers for having 400 count sheet sets on sale for half off...they are now just super expensive instead of stupid crazy expensive.

Thank you to whoever invented Poo-Pourri...(google it)

Thanks to all those fine hardworking individuals who mow my yard, the work you did today, while I was gone, far exceeds my expectations...I am especially impressed with the doughnut you did in the middle of my lawn, leaving deep tracks for the rain to fill...

And a big shout out to all you farmers who drive their manure spreaders down national highways...can we co-ordinate schedules so I can always be behind you, that'll be great.

Thanks again, people at were no help whatsoever. I wonder if you actually understand the basic meaning of 'customer service'?

And while we are on the subject of thanks, how about a big hand for the crew of my local McDonalds...amazing how every order is completely jacked up...its almost like performance are all artist, every one.

And last but not least, a huge thank you to my letter carrier, your dedication to your job in increasingly difficult situations deserves recognition...thru rain and snow and sleet and hail you always bring me my bills, letters and if we could just work on closing my mail box, especially during rainstorms, my life would be complete.

Thanks all rock.

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