Monday, May 16, 2011

Avenging angels

My original logo...not sure why I would have an avenging angel as an icon for a found object jewelry shop. It just felt right.

I wish I had an avenging angel in my life, someone like Judge Judy who apparently can look at you and know if you are telling the truth...she scares the be-jebus out of me. Or Nancy Grace, who also makes me hide behind the couch...yeah, I wanna party with them!

Yup, big grouchy women with an agenda...those are my kind of ladies.

Oh sure, you probably get your food with 'extra sauce'(if you know what I mean)and body guards are probably not tax deductible, but dangit...when someone says they will call Judge Judy back, I'm betting they call her right back.

And when Judge Judy walks into a store, I'm betting nobody rolls their eyes and hides behind the racks (well, then again...).

And Nancy Grace, with her steely eyes and helmet hair can probably line jump with out fear or removal from the park.

Whereas normal human beings like me will gladly stand outside in the pouring rain in front of the Outback so I can eventually be seated for a overcooked steak with runny mashed potatoes.

Who am I kidding, no I wouldn' inner avenging angel would get in the car and eat fast food and be happy. So maybe that's the point, we all have our inner avenging angels who come out when its important to us. Like when defending our kids or pets or other assorted relatives, or when we are overcharged at the gas station.

So, while Judge Judy may be wildly famous for being a bitch, we all have to settle for a tiny slice of bitchdom. Use it wisely.

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  1. That angel clearly has just spotted a really cool piece of jewelry and is swooping down to snatch it up before anyone else does.

    I could certainly use a Judge Judy angel to have my back. Though I might regret it when she ends up telling me I'm stupid!