Friday, April 30, 2010


Wishes...we all make them, we all hope they come true. When I was a kid I wished I could swim in a pool of chocolate pudding...never mind the logic of that particular wish, just the idea of floating around in that chocolaty goodness was enough to make me swoon.

Growing a bit older I wished I could hold out my hands and birds would land in them...I had a thing for birds back then. I would sit out on our hill and try to explain to them that I wouldn't hurt them, they could trust me. Honest.

My wished became more desperate the older I got
I wished I were smart or pretty...I wasn't picky, either would do. I had friends that were both and the world just seemed to turn a bit better for them.

Wishing became a full time activity as I matured (whatever that means). I wished for a better job, more time, less stress...and then I took charge and work for myself and have a better job with lots of time and no stress...(no money, no benefits and no communicating with other people, but hey, you can't have everything)

Now I wish for:
a full nights sleep
peace of mind
housecleaning fairies
a successful business
decent weather
good health
a zero calorie chocolate ice cream and/or chocolate chip cookies
bubble bath that works in hard water
a sale on big giant bras
and the ability to swim in a giant pool of chocolate pudding...cuz some wishes never leave you.


  1. I wish for a full night's sleep too...6 hours would be fine, as long as it were 6 hours in a row, uninterrupted! Here's wishing you dreams of chocolate pudding!

    Sydney says hello to Sophie!

  2. Check Ross and Marshall's for the discount big giant bras, I've had some good luck there ;-)

  3. Hope all those wishes come true :D

  4. I wish for the all of the above & a sale on giant pretty bras. Why don't they offer pretty bras in our sizes? Especially with all the surgery going on these days. Does anyone think there is a market for big, pretty bras on etsy? lol

  5. depending on price, I would buy one!