Monday, April 19, 2010

clockworks and comments

My latest 'creation' as listed in my shop. Made from 100% recycled 'stuff'. Kinda cool if I say so myself, and I do.

I know my style of (well, everything for that matter)things is not for everybody. I am attracted to the weird, the broken and the funky...anyone who knows me knows that. Probably stems from being last to be picked on any team (typical 'fat kid') or from being the only kid in 5th grade wearing 'muc-lucks', their mom's fake fur coat and lavender polyester pants with the sewn in seams (cuz my mom loved those!). I was the wierd kid, for sure. Today I would be sporting the black eyeliner and chipped off black nail polish, back ass 'pick way' 2 for $5 shoes and a bad attitude.

7th grade and the introduction of glasses and acne...could it get any worse...yup...
home grown 'shag' hairdo's and and even pissier attitude. Now I have included a purse made from a pair of jeans (who's I have no idea, the local 'store'...a blog for much later...didn't Carry my size, I was still in the polyester) and moccasins...fringe and all.

I don't think I ever got it graduation picture was a mom had it on our tv for the longest till a guy I liked came over and said...'well, I know Cindy (cute sister) but who's that guy?' *sigh* oh well.

So bring me the weird stuff, the broken, the cracked and hopelessly unloved, it will find a home here.

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