Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yesterday I went to the local hospital and had my yearly mamogram...yearly...like, every year...yeah. Anyhoo, I decided there was no point in dreading the pain, frustration or humiliation because its gonna happen, so lets get Zen with it and let it happen.

Because I live in the boonies there are only certain times I can have one of these tests. Country hospitals are great for service, not so good at keeping up with technology...anything short of tin cans and some string is a major advancement. Honest...I needed a MRI and the hospital scheduled it for 10pm...when I asked why so late they said...'cuz thats when the truck gets here'. Yup, the MRI is on the back of a truck.

So, after waiting with some very interesting people...('yeah, I got a letter from the state telling me I had to pick up my garbage, but I told them to &^%* off cuz I want to be on "Horders"...)my time came.

I love the woman who does these tests...all of 4 ft 9, on a good day and loves to talk...and talk, and talk...all while you have your boob in a vice and are trying not to move. So here I am chatting about the weather, school kids, the state of the union...whatever, all while my ta-tas are mashed to about 1/4 of an inch and are the size of a turkey platter. After the stars stopped spinning around my head I was allowed to leave. See ya next year!

So, while I may not love the process it has to be done and ya might as well deal...if ya got em, take care of em...

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  1. mammograms terrify me. when do we women get left the H-E-double hockey sticks alone?? pelvic exams, childbirth...I had this feeling of finally being free after having two kids and now I'm realizing I just graduate to a whole new level...