Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sophie here...

wile that big lady with the thumbs is away, i am going to straighten a few things out...this may take some time as i don't have thumbs and this...wat does she call it...piece of shit, mother scratching, jacked up, fisher price, heap of scrap computer...is running something called a virus chek...tho why she would want a virus is beyond me.

first, i am just a puppie, so i can not help it if she makes up rules that i don't understand...who knew the things she puts on her paws were not chew toys, they smelled like chew toys, they were made from the same thing...sheesh...y'd think they were important or somptin.

i am only tiny and can not hold it all day...she goes in the house, all the other dogs go in the house..so why cant i go...me an annie are being discriminated against cuz we got fur or somptin...

if you dont want me to play with stuff, don put it on the floor...i love them big fluffy things the big dogs hav in their beds...them feathers are the best...i need one of them in my bed, but all i got is my binkie...and speakin of my binkie, why does she always wash it when i just get it good and comfie...then i got to start all over...

and if she don want me to eat the green things in the windo, she should leave them outside...

the fud is good, i like the crunchy stuff but once in a while somptin different would be nice, like wat they eat...it smells good but i cant see it from the floor...how bout some of that once in a while.

i like being here in the woods, the goose poop is great and i love running into the trees so no one can find me...so much fun watchin them get all excited over me. one time i was hiding and they were all yellin and using some light and all over to the next dogs house..fun fun fun...now i got a chain thing and alpha dog keeps talking about getting me fixed...i agree, we need to fix this right away, i cant run anywhere with this chain.

so anyway please come and visit some time...i am here all day in my box...being bored and wishing i had thumbs, then we would see who gets fixed


  1. Hello Sophie!! You are quite adorable! I have a smart puppy too. Her name is Sydney, and she is a Border Collie. I almost named her Sophie because I love that name!

    You sound like a very good doggie, and I'm sure your owner knows that you don't know all the rules yet :) Sydney says hello!

  2. wow, hello sydney, write me sometimes! us doggies got to stick together

  3. Sydney says hello, and she would love to write some time when she is not exhausted from being afraid of the thunderstorms from earlier :)