Monday, May 3, 2010

a face in the crowd

The Queen went shopping yesterday, this is never good. Apparently I am not of the world and have no excuse but to go back where I came from and wear the native burlap sack and oak leaves of my ancestors.

The mall is designed for teenagers to hang out, I get that. Give me the days when the teenagers hung out at the pizza place so they would not be bothered by the annoying old people. It was win win all around. Now if you need to get something it involves a virtual agility contest just to find the store. Dodging the people in the kiosks trying to hand you samples or give you a 'free' hand massage, dipping past the knots of girls ogling the guys in the Apple store (urg...what a freak show that place is! Blog for another day), desperately trying to get to the food court. Madness!

I find I am invisible in most places at the mall. All the weird shops with skulls and techno music seem so uninviting. Oddly pierced people who have no clue what I am talking but desperately trying to help me...its not enjoyable at my age.

I guess I need to show up at 9:30 with my polyester pants and walking shoes...power walk the mall, grab a coffee and head out before the kids wake up.

Remember back in the day when you use to go to Macy's or other big deal store and actually get service. I never ever remember having to hunt down somebody to show me something behind the counter...and they treated the customers with, well if not respect at least a less obvious disdain. Now I have to set my hair on fire to get someone to notice me. I loved going to Macy's and having lunch, browsing the newest stuff and having the cashier tell me that this item will go on sale next week so I should wait to buy it...service...lovely.

No, apparently the only service I can expect is to be asked if I want fries with that.


  1. I agree, and when the salesperson is walking down the isle and makes you step aside and get out of "their" way, no courtesy anymore!

  2. I truly hate the mall. I feel like I should be saying "I'm truly sorry to disturb you, but I'd like to give you my money"!

  3. That is so well said........and truly hysterical to hear you tell it. Thanks for a smile to start the week!