Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Down and out

The Queen is sick...not sure what is going on but crashed with 103 degree temp and a sore throat. Hanging at home in bed. But, interestingly enough, both doggies are being exceptionally good and the phone only rang once.

The picture is of a latest design, I think it is a simple clean piece with a nice pink heart...looking very closely you will see a tiny screw in the rose quartz. I wanted to name it something like 'screw my heart' something on that level...but felt it was not in the best of taste (and occasionally taste has to enter into it). So if anyone out there has a broken heart, here is the perfect necklace for you!

So, back to being sick...David came home to handle dinner...the boy has never even fried an egg, so wandering around in the kitchen for a while he came up and announced he was going to the local 'greasy spoon'. I was in a fetal position and under the covers so I just waved him away. He came home with:

3 orders of pancakes
3 orders of strawberry shortcake
3 cups of ice cream
2 chef salads
1 cup of mac and cheese
1 tuna melt
and whatever the FEZ ordered

whats for dinner???...everything
gonna need to screw my heart back together after eating that lot. Thanks David, you heart was in the right place.


  1. So sorry to hear it! Consider checking for strep throat (see your doctor); if that's it, one day after antibiotics & you'll be feeling better.

    Either way, get better soon!!

  2. Hello Sophie, this is Sydney :) Are you taking care of Mommy while she doesn't feel good?? Maybe she would like your toys...Hope she feels better soon!