Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today is Sophie's birthday, she is one and in dog years that is
I know its suppose to be like...7, but at 7 can't you feed yourself, be left alone in a room for 5 minutes and play alone? Do 7 year olds normally gnaw on your best shoe (leaving the crappy pay-less ones alone) or poop on the floor when no one is looking...(and if they do that is an entirely different type of problem). I'm sticking with being one.

Sophie's birthday has got me to think about the other pets I have had in my life. Each one different and unique.

Toby, my cat from childhood...lived to be 22. More of a friend than a pet. Defended me against the neighbors dogs on many occasions and hated our mailman. Use to wake me up every morning for school by jiggling the door knob of my bedroom. cat who I assumed was the neighbors and they assumed was ours...thus: 'neighbor cat'

Tyler, our black cat who would sit in a chair like a human and enjoy the company, much to their amazement.

Sadie and Bruce...the amazing bulldogs! Sadie could care less about anybody or anything until my friend Tiffany came over. Sadie, a raging lesbian, loved Tiffany. And Bruce, all heart and very little brain...fell down the stairs almost every day because he couldn't figure out how the turn in the stair worked.

Annie...defender of the household, guardian of all who live here and shedding-ist dog on the planet. Plays 'deaf' every time she thinks she can get away with it and loves loves loves goose poop.

There are so many other tiny beings that have crossed my path, hamsters, birds, ferrets, turtles...Gods creatures, one and all. I am blessed to have them in my life in spite of the fact that I generally cuss them up and down most of the day...

So I will end this with a 'Happy Birthday, Sophie!" and have to go find Hoover, our yellow cat, who has slunk away making that horking round of 'find the cat barf' is starting...

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