Thursday, April 15, 2010

202 items with no end in sight

Today I posted my 202nd item in my shop. I never knew how many I would make or how they would be received and am still knee deep in stuff for more items. Apparently this is what I am suppose to be doing...and I am having a good time, meeting lots of folks via the Internet and learning a lot...

selling, not so much.

I am blaming the recession, the weather, the taxes, the global warming, the democrats...whoever...

And this is no way a plea to buy my priceless (worthless) crap. I think it is just an indication of what is going on in retail. People are buying less, learning to do without, making do...and that is a good thing!

I want people to buy my stuff because they want it. No other reason...look, with what I am charging, it certainly ain't to get rich! I just love making the stuff and get a huge kick out of sharing it. It makes me happy, keeps me busy and looks good on resumes...

So, a long as you all can stomach it, I am gonna keep on making things...maybe one day something will pop up that y'all will love, maybe not, but at least I tried!

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