Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am thinking about icons today...not sure why, perhaps a discussion over my avatar on my Etsy site. That got me thinking about the nature of icons, what they are and what they are not. Is my avatar of Bruce an icon? do I invest it with magical powers (if it brings me sales, yeah you betcha!) light candles, wear it for good luck? What exactly am trying to say?

I love the style of the art in the icon in my necklace. It is artistically all wrong, proportions out of wack, but I like it. Would I pray to it?...nah...

Does Sophie look a the dog on the Alpo biscuit box and think...'oh, I need to bow down before the doggie of all treats'

Does the icon on our car bring it somehow in tune with Saturn? (it might, cuz no one on this planet can figure out what that sound is...)

How about the Apple logo on the that some physic up link to the computer gods (note, small G) and if you don't have one are you forever on hold to some guy in Bombay?

And lord knows my exchange students all pay homage to the Nike swish.

I need to make my own icons, ones that suit my life...maybe a stylized giant bra or a picture of a take out coffee cup. Would it make me feel better, give me something to hang on to...bring peace into my life. (if my life were anymore peaceful I would be in a coma). Maybe we all just need hope...just a bit more hope.

So my icon will be HOPE.


  1. Haha, great post! I think my icon really is the coffee cup. Or maybe just the coffee bean...

  2. Interesting post - I think my icon would be a pen :) but i like the idea of a giant bra ....

  3. with size G, a big giant bra is not an icon, its a godsend!

  4. I love your story....I think my most fitting icon for the last few months should be a giant Martini Glass....I could really use a cocktail & I always make sure I have hope! :)