Friday, April 2, 2010

finding your key

Long ago in a far away place (Dundee, Mi.) I decided I needed to be an artist. School wasn't that encouraging...didn't even qualify for scholarship because I was not actively enrolled in an art class (student taught both elementary and high school). So I decided to go to college to pursue my dream...where I was told in no uncertain terms to go get a job at McDonald's. Ironically I tried to work there during the 70's and was told I wasn't McDonald's 'type'...(whatever the hell that means, now I think I would qualify just for having a pulse). I never gave up and finally landed the job of my dreams as a designer of gift ware. Woo~hoo..enter stage left: Recession.

There were quite a few detours along the way, and I enjoyed every one of them. But my ultimate goal was to be creative in some manner.

Hopefully I am being creative in a different way. And I hope I can make a go of this new detour called "Queen G." I still do a design here and there and may eventually incorporate some original art in my site but for now I will stick to making jewelry.

The point is, I never lost hope was hard!!! The 'teacher' was not very good and as far as I could tell was only there to make sure the doors were locked at night. And yet I kept my head down and kept trying. I still am trying!
I have to keep on trying...(mostly cuz I am crappy at math and can't make change...)

What I am trying to say is we all have our 'keys', things that make us happy and complete. It could be family, friends, church, work, whatever..find your key and hold on tight! Maybe no one else would want your rusty old-don't fit anything-broken down key, but that doesn't matter, its yours! Don't loose it!

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