Wednesday, April 14, 2010

make it do, wear it out, use it up or go without

My latest creation from Queen G Designs and it pretty much sums up my feelings about my shop. Use everything handy, don't waste nothing and try to make everything make sense. Not sure I always hit all those marks but I try.

Apparently I have been 'green' my whole life, who knew??? I thought it was just my farmer upbringing. My family were all farmers, and I was born on a tiny farm back oh...about 100 years ago. We planted our 40 acres, had a huge garden and kept pigs and chickens for a while. We were taught early not to waste anything. The only reason for pets were for chasing the pigs back into the pens and for eating the leftovers. Those childhood lessons grow some deep roots.

Even today I find myself thinking about all the wasted food at those buffet many hungry animals at the humane society would enjoy that steak that is heading for the trash...(we will leave the people for another rant...don't get me started on that!)

I reuse what I can and try never to waste anything. My paper thin toothpaste tubes are a testimony to that. So maybe that is why I get my underoos in a bunch when I hear about the global warming and my so called carbon footprint...I can't be any more green if I tried! Short of becoming Amish, I think I am doing my part. So you can keep your guilt trips for another person...I won't buy your recycled shopping bags that were bought from some 3rd world country and shipped over here on some container vessel by the millions...I won't be interested in paying triple for the organic tomatoes at Wal-mart and I wont be turning my lights off for an hour to prove a point...I put my time in at the knee of a Michigan Farmer, thank you very much. My debt is paid.

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