Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So apparently Sophie decided to try her paw at blogging...(my new curse to people will be 'may you be cursed with a clever dog')and she had some valid points. Not too sure I like the idea of my shoes smelling like doggy chew toys, but whatever. In my defense, she is really quite spoiled and very well taken care of in spite of the 'interior decorating' she chooses to do. The picture tells it all.

Most of the animals I have owned haven't quite been so smart...and some were downright dumb. So to have one that only has to be told to sit once, will go to her cage when I tell her and will hide as soon as she finishes my last plant is going to be a challenge.

Apparently I like challenges, that's why I started Queen G...not the recession or my inability to find a job...nope, I like challenges and I'm sticking with that. I would like a challenge with benefits and a 401k, but what the heck...a SEP is just a good. Couple that with a Roth IRA and a buck and I can get a coffee.

But, the Queen is turning a corner and has paid off all her start up fees including the new camera so maybe profit will be in the long as I don't count labor, or utilities or other overhead...urg...maybe...

Sophie, feel free to blog whenever it gets into your little dogie brain, leave my cushions alone, stop eating my plants and you can be the VP of Queen G. The rest of you can apply for these positions:

personal assistant and coffee getter, grade2, grade one is sleeping after working midnights
supply line coordinator...aka crap getter: position can telecommute
professional model, need neck and arms, preferably clean
mail services: position involves going to the post office and chatting with the lonely women who sit there all day hoping for something to do.

please feel free to apply, applications will be held for up to 6 months...yada yada yada.


  1. Ooooh looks like someone was in trouble, you can laugh about it afterwards but it's never fun at the time.

  2. My dog used to do the same thing. She chewed through my mattress after she got fixed. After that she hasnt really done it again. I make sure she has plenty of chew bones...speaking of my dog I will have to post pics of her when she went to the vet..she drools big time and I got pics of her this time. shes a trip!