Monday, April 12, 2010

The Queen of Hearts

I love hearts, and if you look at my jewelry you can find a heart on most things. I will stick one on anything just because I can. If I come to your house I will draw a heart in the condensation on the windows. I make my meatloaves in a heart shape and have a heart tattoo (with a band aid). Hearts make me happy.

I try to take care of my heart too. I eat kinda right, sorta, kinda do exercises (if walking the mall counts) and avoid crappy chemicals when possible...(fake sugar to a minimum) and am now completely caffeine free. I am naturally hyper, so deal with it. Apparently I am gonna live to 100 (if I can get this cholesterol thing under control)

My biggest challenge...accepting the fact that I am my parents age. What the hell happened? I use to be like, oh...23, now I am 52! sheesh... and things just are happening that never happened before. I never had to stop after an 8 hour car ride, I never had to plan trips around bathroom stops, and I for sure never had to buy my bras from some catalog company in Boise. When did I get so old?

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror the other day and thought I was some old brokdown lady complete with polyester pants and matching floral print top...that crap has got to stop, so while I can I am going to get a tune up...dye my hair many shades of red and get rid of any floral prints I come across. I may even spend more than $10 on my hair and am gonna bleach my teeth. I'm fightin' this!

So, take care of your hearts, fight back and assume your place next to me...while I am still the Queen, there is plenty of room for princes and princesses.

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