Friday, January 14, 2011

supersized potential

Back in the day when I was in school, no one talked to me about the concept of potential. We were either college bound or not. I was given classes based on my 'potential' thus: the NOT classes. I took basic math, independent reading (twice!) art, choir, and some other essential classes to help me on the production line. No one ever talked to me about college, my parents both quit school to work and my future seemed destined to involve a uniform in some manner.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, this country was built on the backs of people like my parents and grandparents who got up at 4AM and worked the same mind numbing job for 30 years...God Bless every one of them. But that life was not for me.

For the longest time I wanted to be a Veterinarian.
Then a Surgeon
A Mortician
(is there a theme here?)
I finally decided on Commercial art...(interesting leap)
But my 'potential' in art was marginal, and my finances even year later, the money dried up and I had to leave college.

So now, looking back through 35 years of side trips, hijacks, and detours I am still pondering my potential.

Go back to school...????
Not sure I could take being taught by someone 20 years younger than me...I know I would be replaying that scene from "Peggy Sue got married" when she stands up in her Algebra class and says 'I know for a fact I don't need to know this' and leaves. yup, that would be me.

have you MET me??? If I can't be in charge, aint NOBODY gonna be in charge.

Good googly goo...Listen: I know there are women out there that wake up all excited cuz they are gonna finally clean behind the piano, roast a duck and power wash the house, that aint me! I can bearly muster up enough energy to get dressed.

Start my own business...
Lord help me...what would that be? Here in Michigan, especially where I live. We can't support a Big Lots, our Radio Shack closed years ago, and even the local greasy spoon chucked it in last month. There are people here that advertise to come and pick up your dog poop..."The Doggie Roll Patrol". Yeah, its that bad here.

So here I sit, waiting for inspiration to push me to the next big thing...
Do I start painting and illustrating again? Do I finish that ding-dong book I am trying to write, do I keep making jewelry, start selling vintage, learn tatooing???

AGH! Maybe, just maybe I need to get over myself, put on the polyester golf shirt and learn to say:

'would you like fries with that?'

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