Thursday, January 13, 2011


I love leftovers! They fall in the same category as broken, ugly or unwanted. A lot of the items in my shop are made from leftovers. This bracelet is made from some beads and parts I bought at the Salvation Army...they were on a kids tap dance costume and then sent to get another chance at being 'something'. The necklace, same thing, all leftovers.

I love the idea of giving something another chance, of looking at junk and seeing potential, of having another GO at life. Maybe that's why I am so passionate at making jewelry from found objects. Giving it another chance to fulfill its destiny. Maybe I am hoping to get the same chance someday.

Yeah, I doubt you will see me running through airports trying to make that connection any more, or find me shopping at the Franklin Planner shop, or even dashing through Starbucks on my way to a meeting...those days are long gone. I miss them terribly but life is what you make of it, and this is the hand I have been dealt.

I am a left over...and thanks to the recession, I will be a left over till I am officially retired and become a 'usta-be'. Ironically, I was equip to be a 'usta', but its 10 years to soon, I don't have my condo in Bocca lined up, and I don't play golf, and I live in the frickin' center of abso-flippin-lutely nowhere. The winter brings out the cabin fever, and living in a cabin doesn't help. being a left-over sucks.

I think that's why I enjoy Etsy so much, I can fit in with just about any group, find like minded people who are creative and interesting and I feel less 'leftover'. And if I sell a piece here and there, it validates my existence. Win-win.

So, while I will always ache for the mad dash of corporate life with all its frustrations, I must accept that its over. I'm taking my left over life and making something interesting out of it.

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