Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evening in Paris


Wonderful place, Paris. I went on a lark a few years ago and enjoyed myself completely.

Wonderful food, art everywhere even under bridges and street signs, a magical place.

Letting yourself enjoy all that your surrounding have to offer is a gift you give to yourself. Sure, while sitting at a street cafe, sipping Kir Royal and eating a chocolate crepe, you could assume Paris is a dream come true.

But what about your own homeland. Having traveled to some, uh 'interesting' places I can tell you no matter where you live someone else will be amazed at your surroundings. All my exchange students stand in awe of Meijers. To them it is a wonderland of fruits and vegetables all available in one place at any time of the day or night.

My friend Kim (hey Kim!!!) came from London and when we picked her up in our van she dang near fainted...then when we took her to McDonalds and she got a large order of fries all she could do was laugh in delight at the size.

A few of my friends have never seen snow. And while I can be happy in the idea that someday my future will not include snow brushes, rock salt, scrapers, ice melt, or snow boots... they were so excited at making a tiny snow man.

Once, one of my exchange student daughters had disappeared...we found her laying on the ground in the back yard, looking up in the sky, transfixed. When I asked what she was doing, she said she was looking at the stars...she had never really seen them because she lived in a big city and the lights and pollution blocked out the sky.

So, while I highly endorse going anywhere you possibly can, don't neglect your own environment. Looking at something with a brand new perspective may just give you a thrill...I will, however, never love snow.

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