Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bling, bling

I love that word! I feel kinda stupid saying it, but typing it makes me happy. And that got me thinking about words in general and how they have changed over the years.

I lived in a 3 (and sometimes 4) generation household and could barely understand what was being said half the time. Grandpa could confuse the heck out of me by talking about so and so 'leaving his grip in the beergarden even after I gave him the office'. I'll hold that up to any hip-hop lingo out there. But, that's the kind of 'hairpin' he was...uh...ok

The other day I typed 'holy carp, the snow is over my generic uggs' and realized Grandpa would not have gotten any of that.

I think I am the only person who will still use the word 'groovy' and mean it. Listen, I lived through polyester striped bellbottoms and the Brady Bunch, I deserve it. I also deserve the right to use the words:
'awesome' even if it is a Lionel Richie 80's style throwback
and 'rad' tho honestly I haven't seen too many 'rad' things lately

I will try ever so hard to incorporate some more colorful words into my lifestyle, and not only the four letter ones...but I doubt I will ever pass myself off as a 'hipster'.

There is just something kinda wrong with an AARP refugee trying to sound like an MTV rejected reality show has been...I don't know a snookie from a situation and am pretty content with that.

So I will stick with what I know...and its all good!

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